3D Phenotyping

Smart assessment of crop growth. Combines green domain knowledge and Artificial Intelligence.

There is a growing need for food and prevention of food loss is a priority. In addition, the entire sector is challenged by climate goals. This increases the demand for improved crop varieties.

In the near future, crop protection will be based on resilience: crops can take a beating and cultivation systems are largely self-regulating. Diseases and pests have less chance and ‘smart’ adjustments are made where necessary.


Plantfellow’s 3D Phenotyping is an advanced customized AI solution. And up to 50% cheaper than existing products. Get more and better insight with the latest vision- and LiDAR technology.


  • Choose your own system size and modules
  • Visualize and quantify (at this moment) 3 crops
  • Valuable data on seedlings, growth and biomass
  • Advanced 3D camera technology and AI models
  • Cloud computing

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Plantfellow 3D Phenotyping is a custom-made solution for your laboratory, climate cell or cultivation system. Curious?