FAQ ScoutCam

1. General

At this point, Smart Scout recognizes the White Fly on the yellow sticky trap. The White Fly is detected before it fades away. In 2022 we also expect to detect Trips.

Yes, partly. The ScoutCam Control recognizes the mentioned insects (1.1) with the fixed camera. With the mobile camera you can manually scan as many sticky traps as you want. ScoutCam records more than the human eye. You can view the pest pressure via the application on your mobile phone.

You decide. ScoutCam is supplied as a set, consisting a Control camera and a Mobile camera. Depending on the number of hectares or counting plates, you may want to expand the set. When you install more Control cameras, you get daily insight into the pest pressure in different areas in the greenhouse.

The Control cameras work on solar energy. When WiFi is available in the greenhouse, you will also see the last photo taken in the mobile application. 

You can attach the camera to the greenhouse leg with the supplied magnetic plate. You need a Plantfellow license to see the counts in the app.

ScoutCam works best with standard yellow sticky traps without grid (10×25 cm), for example Horiver or Van Iperen.

You purchase the hardware (cameras) once. The software license is based on the number of cameras and cultivation locations.

ScoutCam is specifically made for greenhouse horticulture. You purchase a set consisting of a fixed and mobile camera. The set can be expanded with more cameras. Depending on the chosen software license (1.6), you can use the cameras at one or more locations.

Pests and pest pressure differ per greenhouse. You know best when action is needed. That is why you set the standard per insect per main location and whether you want to receive a notification if this standard is exceeded.

The connected cameras all use the settings of the main location.

2. Cost

In addition to the one-time purchase cost of a set of cameras, you will receive an account for the Plantfellow mobile app. This will give you access to the online dashboard. The application shows the registrations of the cameras at the license price.

Please contact  info@plantfellow.com if you would like a different set or extension than the ones offered.

We recommend following the regular procedure and replacing the plate when it fills up. In the app you indicate when a plate has been replaced and whether you want to reset the counter.

ScoutCam Control daily counts the chosen insects at the strategically chosen location, by taking a picture at night. This gives you more and more insight. You can view the results wherever and whenever you want.

ScoutCam Mobile is an addition to the current scouting process. By inserting more or all sticky traps into the camera, a pest pressure overview is created. This allows you to intervene more quickly and in a targeted manner when the pest pressure increases.

ScoutCam is made to last a minimum of three years, including 1 year with a warranty.

3. Technical questions

The scout cameras work with image recognition based on AI algorithms. ScoutCam Control takes a picture every night of the yellow sticky trap hanging in front of it. The photo is immediately analyzed for the insects from your module(s). The detected numbers are displayed in the dashboard (the mobile app).

With ScoutCam Mobile, for example, you take weekly photos during the scouting process. This creates a heat map in the dashboard and you can intervene in a targeted manner.

No, ScoutCam Control can work self-sufficiently through solar energy, due to the supplied solar panel. The solar panel charges a built-in battery to have enough power even on cloudy days. ScoutCam Mobile can be charged when you are not using it.

With the magnetic plate you can easily place the camera against a greenhouse leg and it remains movable. The supplied hose clamp can additionally secure the camera mount. With the solar panel you will receive a magnetic, 360° tiltable holder with a 4 meter cable.

It is important that the solar panel is placed as much as possible towards the south, for an optimal power supply. The extra long cable allows you to place the solar panel (far) above the crop on the same greenhouse leg as the camera. For more detailed instructions, take a look at the manual.

Elke camera heeft verbinding met het LoRa netwerk. LoRa is een internetverbinding van KPN speciaal voor lange afstanden en met landelijke dekking. Hiermee worden de scanresultaten verzonden en inzichtelijk op het dashboard.

Wanneer je WiFi in de kas beschikbaar hebt, raden we aan ook een WiFi verbinding te maken. Je ziet dan per camera de laatst genomen foto in de app.

Nee, ScoutCam bevat een LoRa module om gegevens via internet te verzenden. Wanneer je WiFi ter beschikking hebt, raden we wel aan verbinding te maken, zie 3.4.

ScoutCam is made for indoor locations and can withstand the conditions in the greenhouse. Due to the advanced camera technology, we recommend temporarily covering or removing the equipment when spraying crop protection products or mists.

Take a look at the manual with specifications and intended use.

Yes, ScoutCam is being developed further. The technology behind it is called ‘machine learning’ with artificial intelligence and is based on object detection. Updates can be installed by connecting to WiFi. Updates are included with the license.

In case of major changes, such as new features, we will send licensees a message via the e-mail address known to us.

After the initial installation, the cameras require very little maintenance. We recommend keeping the camera lens clean and free of grease and the solar panel free of dust.

4. Contact

super! We welcome feedback and ideas. Send a message to  info@plantfellow.com and we will contact you shortly.