AI-solutions for the future of horticulture

More food with less resources, that’s what we aim! With Plantfellows high-end AI algorithms, we provide remote crop control.

partner in innovation

Plantfellow aims to increase crop yields in high-tech food production. We do this as a software company, with the latest technology in image recognition and high-level knowledge of AI.

data driven

Together with partners, Plantfellow makes data-driven products and services accessible to growers, cultivators, breeders and researchers. AutoPheno is one of Plantfellow’s crop control solutions.

our team

Nature lovers in
the heart of Rotterdam

We are innovation boosters, nature lovers and AI evangelists who want to make impact. Plantfellow operates from the heart of Rotterdam. Close to the Westland, Oostland, Seed Valley and the rest of the world 😉

market leaders

Every day we work on solutions for the cultivation manager in the greenhouse, the researcher in the climate cell and the grower abroad.

We are proud of our Dutch roots and like to help our clients remain market leaders.


Brainstorming about the cultivation of the future? Interested in AutoPheno? Questions about ScoutCam? Please get in touch with our team!

powered by sobolt

AI-innovations for sustainable futures

Plantfellow is a sister company of Sobolt. All components support a more sustainable future. Providing state-of-the-art software applications is a shared strength.

going green

Green has many colors and appearances. For years we have been working on monitoring green roofs in cities, habitats and inspecting trees.

We also apply our knowledge in the areas of energy conservation, infra and solar energy.

Vegetables, fruit & Flowers

The 30MHz platform combined with the high-tech sensors allow you to get a live overview of the greenhouse. The data helps you to realise optimal yield, reduce energy and achieve plant balance.


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