Digital phenotyping is essential in university research and will also become the norm in commercial research by breeders and other companies.
Greenhouse Grower published a nice article about new automation in greenhouse horticulture, including Plantfellows innovations.
In order to deliver valuable solutions collaboration with growers is essential. For example we were allowed to work with and at Deliflor Chrysanthemums in Maasdijk.
Colinda de Beer wrote a nice column about the Robocrops Today & Tomorrow event.
Plantfellow and other invited Dutch Agritech Innovators, went to California to talk with potential partners and […]
On June 14, 15 and 16 you will meet team Plantfellow at Greentech Amsterdam.
The brand Plantfellow was launched at Horticontact 2022, the largest trade fair for Dutch greenhouse horticulture. […]
At RoboCrops global leaders in horticulture and the high-tech community meet to discuss potential high-tech solutions.