Grip on crop growth


for breeders and R&D

AutoPheno is an advanced 3D image recognition system with the latest AI models for crop registration. In this scalable solution, the crop is measured automatically and you receive the best data on seedlings, growth and biomass.


AutoPheno is a scalable custom solution for researchers, growers and breeders and deployable in (existing) climate cells and laboratories.


Visualize and quantify cucumber, lettuce, corn, tomato and soybean crops. Meanwhile, we continue to expand the modules to other cultivars.

high-tech crop control

Resilient cultivation

The demand for renewed or improved crop varieties is increasing. In the near future, crop protection will be based on resilience and cultivation systems are largely self-regulating. Diseases and pests will be given less of a chance and, where necessary, ‘smart’ adjustments will be made.


Plantfellow’s AutoPheno is an advanced AI solution and up to 50% more affordable than existing products.

Get more and better insight with the latest vision technology and best available algorithms.

Contact us to discuss your options for a customized system.

let’s go digital
  • Image analyses for crop registrations.
  • Scalable / customized system.
  • Improved developments
  • Experimenting in R&D environments.
  • Save time & improve quality.

crop control

Proven knowledge of
growth models

As a breeder, grower or researcher, you can easily create projects in Plantfellows dashboard. AutoPheno registers daily seedling emergence, growth patterns and biomass. 

View and compare the project per period, plant, crop or system. Link results to existing systems or export data as desired.

ai phenotyping

Automatic registration of crop measurements

  • Sprouting
  • Height
  • Biomass
  • Leaf area
  • Plant failure

customized system

Remote control

  • High resolution RGB & 3D cameras
  • Taking measurements automatically
  • Flexible size from approx. 1m2
  • More than 100 plants in 1 system
  • Frequency according to your needs

pheno go

  • Software service
  • Unlimited amount of users
  • Unlimited amout of hardware systems
  • Visualization of data in images and charts
  • Updates included
  • Analyze by period
  • 1 cultivar
  • Up to 5 camera’s
  • 2.500 scans a year

pheno pro

  • Software service
  • Unlimited amount of users
  • Unlimited amount of hardware systems
  • Visualization of data in images and charts
  • Updates included
  • Analyze by period
  • Up to 5 cultivars
  • Unlimited amount of camera’s
  • 10.000 scans a year