Green has many colors and appearances. For years we have been monitoring green roofs in cities and habitats, and inspecting trees.

Our innovations combine:

  • High-quality AI-skills
  • Value of green
  • Desire to contribute to a sustainable world

With Plantfellow’s top AI algorithms, we measure, among other things, the growth of plants. The mission statement is: “more food with fewer resources”.

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AI in nature + climate

More innovations powered by Sobolt


TreeTracker was founded in 2019 by Sobolt + Bomenwacht. By combining Sobolt’s knowledge of artificial intelligence with the knowledge of Bomenwacht, we create smart solutions for urban planning and tree maintenance.


Thanks to smart innovations, HeatPuls is up to 80% cheaper than traditional insulation advice. This makes it possible for municipalities and other stakeholders to create awareness and perspective for action among large groups of homeowners.

Crop measurements

Our development team is continuously working on innovative agricultural and horticultural products. We develop and deliver AI products for a sustainable future. With Fellow Flex we are making advanced phenotyping models accessible for agriculture and harvest time in the greenhouse.