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Going green

Plantfellow develops AI solutions for the cultivation of the future. We aim to increase crop yields in high-tech food production and sustainable horticulture. Besides digital scouting and automatic crop measurements, NXT-Gen & digital twin PPP projects are in preparation.

high-tech innovations

Using the latest techniques in image recognition and our high-level AI knowledge, we work with, among others,  Koppert Biological Systems, en Prominent on high-tech innovations from the Netherlands.

data driven solutions

Together we make data-driven products and services

accessible to growers, breeders and researchers. Want to join or submit your idea?

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AI-innovations for sustainable futures

Plantfellow is a sister company of Sobolt. All Sobolt-powered brands and companies support a more sustainable future. Providing state-of-the-art software applications is a shared strength.

going green

Green has many colors and appearances. For years we have been working on monitoring green roofs in cities, habitats and inspecting trees. We also apply our knowledge in the areas of energy conservation, infra and solar energy.

climate & nature

Our knowledge combination of physics, artificial intelligence and the latest technology in image recognition, provides unique insights for clients. Read more about our sustainable solutions.

digital twin EXAMPLE

Succesful solution in nature

TreeTracker was founded in 2019 by Sobolt & Bomenwacht. A smart solution with LiDAR point clouds and mobile mapping to automatically identify and measure trees. Different characteristics are classified, leading to fully digital tree inspections ánd CO2 + impact analysis per area.

TreeTracker’s AI developers are now working on Plantfellow’s sustainable solutions, including AutoPheno.

R&D method

Building solutions of the future

Innovation is in our DNA. Since the start, daily innovation, making mistakes and getting up again has been the main strategy. With 30+ specialists, we like challenges and just go for it. Eureka moments are celebrated at a green location or at our headquarters in Rotterdam.

  • Learning, developing & investing together
  • Agile development
  • Evaluation & feedback in sprints
  • Testing, Validation & Certification
  • MVP, MLP & releases to service


High-tech development

Together we get the most out of data. We strongly believe in co-development with partners and customers. Our shared ambition is to develop world-class solutions using AI. Short development cycles and rapid testing of applicability brings high-end innovations within reach.

Partners in innovation