helps to prevent crop damage


Automatic counting

ScoutCam is a digital scout solution for early detection of pest pressure.

  • Improves accuracy
  • Earlier notice of pest pressure
  • Reduces scouting time and costs
in the greenhouse

ScoutCam makes pest detection easier. Deploy the Control Camera in strategic locations. Use the mobile camera to automatically count all Scout plates.

daily notice

ScoutCam Control works fully automatically and makes daily scouting possible. Monitor the pest pressure in the app and intervene earlier and more specifically.


Improved insights

In the application you follow the pest development closely. Set your own standards. View the counts per day, week or month; for the entire greenhouse or per camera.


When do you want to intervene? Set the standard for your greenhouse yourself. Receive an alert when the limit is reached.


In the total overview you can see where the pest pressure is increasing. This allows you to use pesticides in a targeted way.

let’s go digital


ScoutCam contains:

  • Smart scout software
  • Control camera for daily insights
  • Mobile camera for all sticky strips
Scoutcam control

Automatic scouting with a fixed camera.

  • Monitor strategic locations daily
  • Early warnings to prevent outbreaks
  • Get insights in pest development
scoutcam mobile

Anyone can be a reliably scout  with ScoutCam Mobile.

  • Easy integration in current scout proces
  • Flexible mounting, on a rail cart e.g.
  • Scout faster and easier

scout go

  • Daily monitoring in the greenhouse
  • Unlimited number of scans
  • Alerts with personal limits
  • Plague pressure in heatmap
  • Updates included
  • Analyze by period
  • Up to 5 camera’s
  • All software features
  • 1 greenhouse

scout pro

  • Daily monitoring in the greenhouse
  • Unlimited number of scans
  • Alerts with personal limits
  • Plaguepressure in heatmap
  • Updates included
  • Analysze by period
  • Unlimited number of camera’s
  • All software features
  • 3 cultivations sites


  • Everyone can be a scout
  • Faster scouting and registration
  • Prevent crop loss
  • Targeted use of (biological) pestcontrol