Smart Scouting

automated pest control

European fruit and vegetable growers lose about 7% of the crop due to insect pests (FAO). Due to climate change, insect pressure will increase, and so will the need for early pest detection and population control.

With Smart Scout you work on integrated pest management (IPM). Save on resources and increase your yield!

Smart Scout automatically counts and analyzes insects on sticky traps. With this virtual insect scout, population growth of pests in the greenhouse is noticed earlier and damage can be prevented.

Improved insights

Smart Scout identifies on this moment the White Fly,. See the population balance at a glance.

With improved insights, you can work in a targeted manner: save on resources, limit economic damage and increase the harvest yield.

White fly

Smart Scout

  • Automated pest monitoring
  • Population size and development
  • Hotspot indicator
  • With solarpanel