Tomato plants x white fly = problematic pest. Whitefly and thrips are problematic pests that often occur in various crops, such as vegetable and ornamental crops in the greenhouse. To limit the damage of these pests, effective monitoring is crucial. How do you effectively monitor white flies for an area of more than 8 hectares? Yes, you’re reading that correctly, 8 acres. In the Netherlands, the greenhouse horticulture has an average surface area of 2.84 hectares.

A tomato greenhouse in France was facing this challenge. Part of our Plantfellow team travelled to Normandy for the installation & user training in ScoutCams. With the ScoutCams, there is now a daily view of the number of new white flies. Luckily, the time of picking whiteflies off a sticky strip one-by-one is over. How does this work? By taking a daily image at strategic spots in the greenhouse the ScoutCams automatically keep an eye on the pest pressure. Only when a raise in the number of white flies is detected, the growers are notified. What number is acceptable? That is up to the expert himself. This way you’ll never be too late. This might save a lot of stress this summer 😉.