Crop protection is dynamic and so is our product development. In order to deliver valuable solutions that meet the changing challenges of growers, collaboration with the horticultural companies is essential. That’s why we have been in the greenhouse ourselves for a year now to install ScoutCam and validate the collected data.

For example at Deliflor Chrysanthemums in Maasdijk, where we were given the opportunity to extensively validate ScoutCam in collaboration with the scout expert and cultivation manager.

Reduce errors when scouting

Crop protection is a complex task and requires a great deal of specialist knowledge. It is difficult to predict where and when pests will occur and spread. Scouting is essential for the effectiveness of your integrated crop protection. In Scouting, however, a lot of valuable time is lost inspecting sticky plates,, often with a magnifying glass. This is a crucial task, but certainly not the most fun task out there.

We have developed ScoutCam to reduce error sensitivity and repetitive work. Pen and paperwork is a thing of the past and retyping in Excel or other software is no longer necessary. Because ScoutCam can collect data on a daily basis, the grower or breeder is more sure of a clean crop and end product. The scout expert and cultivation manager can focus on prevention strategies.

Validation. Validation. Validation.

During the development of ScoutCam, we worked closely with, among others, the scout expert from Deliflor Chrysanthemums. This external expertise was very valuable in the validation of data. We could also count on feedback and help from Deliflor employees in the further development, towards automatic recognition and counting of other pests. This makes the AI-models even more accurate and increases confidence in ScoutCam.

Rachid, scout expert at Deliflor, agrees that ScoutCam can accurately identify pests: “Perhaps better than the human eye and in any case faster and more often than we can do ourselves. Ultimately it will help us in improved and more efficient pest control, which I would like to work with.”

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